It is our strategic aim to create a competitive labour market in Finland. To achieve this, we will need to reform and modernise our labour market and the collective agreements and to promote opportunities for local bargaining.

Around 150 collective agreements

At Palta, we negotiate collective agreements with the employee organisations on behalf of our members. We offer solid and extensive professional expertise in all labour market matters and at the negotiating table: we are responsible for conducting the negotiations for around 150 collective agreements, a significant proportion of all such agreements in place in Finland.

Along with negotiating agreements, we also offer advice and guidance to our members on a range of employment matters, including contractual issues. We offer a wide range of training events on labour market issues. As required, this can also include tailor-made training on how to interpret and apply the collective agreements, tailored to a specific industry or company.

Our 2.000 member organisations represent six different industries: logistics, information and communications, care and maintenance, business and specialist services, administrative and support services as well as entertainment and leisure. We also represent the Finance Finland (FFI).