Palta’s role is to facilitate the emergence of the new service economy, to drive labour market reforms and to promote digitalisation. In the new service economy the concept of work will be very different. At Palta, we want to take the lead on new ways of working.

The service industries can deliver future growth for Finland’s economy. Since 2000, more than 240.000 jobs have been created within services, service sector businesses are growing and the international services market is growing at a rate of 10% annually.

Digitalisation is key to ensuring that the Finnish service sector continues to grow and thrive. Businesses that have strategically prioritised digitalisation are already seeing healthy growth. They have understood that digitalisation will also fundamentally change our understanding of leadership, management and what work means.

Digitalisation will also drive greater efficiencies in the public sector and reduce the burden on tax payers. Public sector organisations can drive digitalisation through innovative investment and by providing references for private sector operators.

In line with the changes in working, the entire labour market dynamic will also transform. The current labour market must be reformed to ensure that Finland is well-placed to attract new jobs.

Finland is on its way to becoming a service economy. Manufacturing is moving to low cost countries and, as a result, our opportunities lie in high added-value expert provision. These roles already exist and will continue to arise in the service sector.

Our vision of Palta as the leader in new ways of working is based on the three strategic priorities:

  • Growth through services
  • Promoting a competitive labour market
  • Ideal environment for digital services

Our tasks

Palta acts on behalf of its members in a variety of business and labour market matters as well as in matters of public policy. Our economic policy work encompasses influencing on the national level as well improving the conditions for our members through a range of development plans and projects.

Labour market issues include collective bargaining and joint representation for the entire service industry. We offer our members information, training, consultancy and legal services.

Our success is based on the needs of our member businesses, our collaborative operations model and the finest professional expertise available on the market.