Private services play a greater role in the Finnish economy than ever before, accounting for 40 % of all output. At the beginning of the 1980s, the same figure stood at just 25 %. A similar trend can be seen across all other developed nations. Since 2000, the private service sector has generated more than 240.000 new jobs in Finland.

More people employed in service sector

An increasing share of the Finnish workforce is employed in the service sector, and it is also the sector responsible for generating the largest number of new businesses and the majority of businesses experiencing growth (55 %). During the economic downturn, the service sector has continued to provide employment and thus underpin the well-being of the Finnish people.

Successful service sector businesses are helping to create prosperity and well-being. Currently, the Finnish industry comprises a total of 150.000 businesses employing fewer than 10 members of staff. If each of these businesses were to employ one additional person, Finland’s employment rate would rise by 3.7 % points.