About Us

About Us

Palta builds the prerequisites for a successful and thriving service sector

We work for the sustainable reformation of working life, new opportunities of renewal for businesses and sustainable international growth of the service sector.

Sustainably reforming working life

Palta creates prerequisites for the competitive strength of the service sector. Palta promotes new models of working to increase employment and create alternative and diverse career paths.

Building new opportunities of renewal for businesses

Palta makes space for digitalisation and new revenue models. Palta encourages
businesses to invest in the future.

Expediting sustainable and international growth

Palta raises awareness of the globalisation of the service economy as well as the prerequisites and opportunities of sustainable economy. Palta acts as a sounding board for businesses planning to take a leap of growth.

What we do?

We negotiate and we drive change 

We are a powerful labour market operator: we are involved in negotiating around half of all Finnish collective agreements. We want to create a competitive labour market for Finland. We reform working life and promote the determination of the terms of employment company- and workplace-specifically.

We train and we develop 

We offer practical help and advice to our members on a range of matters, including HR and employment relationships. We provide information, training and all the latest updates on labour law. 

We communicate and we influence 

We ensure that the voice of the service sector is heard by our political decision makers and in the broader debate. We communicate to a variety of audiences: we raise our sector’s profile and diversify the image of the sector. 

We disseminate information to our members and create networks 

We generate new information for our member businesses on the latest developments in the service sector, foreign trade of services, economic trends and the labour market. We offer opportunities and working groups for networking and for sparring partners for our members.