We work towards achieving labour market solutions that will allow flexible working arrangements and hours to be agreed within each workplace, lead to more flexible pay arrangements, promote employee well-being and working conditions and extend working lives. Through our public policy activities we want to help service sector businesses and organisations to succeed in Finland and further afield.

We negotiate collective agreements on behalf of our members.

We provide advice and guidance on employment matters, including contracts.

We provide legal advice and representation.

We shape public policy and protect your interests.

At Palta, we negotiate collective agreement with trade unions on behalf of our members. We offer solid and extensive professional expertise in all labour market matters and at the negotiating table: we are responsible for conducting the negotiations for around 150 collective agreements, a significant proportion of all such agreements in place in Finland.

Along with collective bargaining, we also offer advice and guidance to our members on a range of employment matters, including contractual issues. We offer a wide range of training events on labour market issues. As required, this can also include tailor-made training on how to interpret and apply the collective agreements, tailored to a specific industry or company.

Our legal service offers representation to members on all contractual disputes and so-called industrial peace related matters in the Labour Court. This service is included in the membership fee. Fees will usually be charged for other legal services.

Our 1.700 member organisations represent six different industries: logistics, information and communications, care and maintenance, business and specialist services, administrative and support services as well as entertainment and leisure.

Delivering stable workplace relations and flexibility

As a Palta member, your business or organisation can choose to implement the collective agreement negotiated by Palta instead of the general collective agreement. The company-specific collective agreement allows you to ensure stable workplace relations and give you access to a greater degree of contractual flexibility.

Only full Palta members are entitled to make use of the flexible arrangements agreed as part of our collective labour agreement.

All companies, organisations and associations are eligible to join Palta. As a member, you will be able to access a range of services designed to support your business and make things more straightforward. Full membership entitles you to access our full range of services. We also work together with our affiliate members to represent our mutual interests on business and economic policy matters as well as cooperation on labour market issues. These are subject to separate agreement.

Shaping public policy, protecting your interests

The aim of all our public policy activities is to create an environment that will allow service sector businesses and organisations to thrive. We are supported in our endeavours by the Palta Board, the Board’s Executive Committee, Labour Market Comittee and Economic Policy Committee, responsible for setting our key policies.

We work hard to promote:

  • partnerships between the public and private sectors
  • opportunities for growth and financing for service sector businesses
  • tax policies that promote employment and entrepreneurship
  • flexible approaches to workforce utilisation
  • the elimination of unnecessary regulatory burdens
  • sector interests in legislation