Palta builds a better world for a successful service sector 

Our goal is to strengthen the sustainable growth of services in Finland and internationally, generate opportunities for renewal and create a competitive operating environment for service sector businesses. 

We influence national decision-making to ensure optimal prerequisites for the growth and success of the service sector. We produce information on the service sector, create new solutions, meet with decision-makers, prepare statements and use various channels for our political engagement. We renew working life and negotiate more than 50% of all collective agreements in Finland. 

Private services are the largest employer in Finland, and most of the new jobs are created in the service sector. The foreign trade of services also constitutes a considerable share of Finnish exports. To be successful, the service economy requires a competent workforce, a competitive labour market, an export and innovation policy that takes services into consideration as well as regulations encouraging renewal. The service sector plays a crucial role in generating climate solutions. 

Our key means of engagement

Employment and working life

Increasing employment and developing and sustainably renewing working life.

Education and competence

Developing competence based on the needs of working life and finding new solutions for elevating the level of competence.


Promoting innovative activities and digitalisation across the service sector.

Internationality and growth

Promoting the international growth of the service trade.

Sustainable development

Responding to climate change: services can help considerably reduce emissions and generate value through low-emission means.


Developing the internal market of the EU to ensure that EU policy supports the competitive strength of businesses and ensures free mobility of services.